C:\Users\user\Desktop\v4 engine.jpgIt is important i let you know this important facts about V4 and V6 engine. So many persons do not know the difference; the advantages and the disadvantages. The following are the reasons why you should buy V4 or V6 engine.

V6 engines are far superior to V 4 cylinders. They run faster than V4 engines and consume more fuel. Because of the more cylinder and more spark plugs which causes combustion. Some Mechanics can be confused when fixing them.

V6 engines are more expensive to build and maintain compared to v4.


C:\Users\user\Desktop\v4 engine.jpg

In a 4-cylinder engine, there are four pistons rising and falling in four chambers.

A 6-cylinder engine features six pistons and produces a theoretical 50% more power than the same 4-cylinder engine.

While a 4-cylinder engine will gradually respond when you press on, a 6-cylinder will tend to be more responsive, with greater get-up-and-go.

The 4-cylinder engine is standard in smaller cars, as the relatively light weight of the vehicle makes it an economical choice with plenty of power for average motoring needs.

More cylinders equal more power. C:\Users\user\Desktop\v6 engine.jpg V6

The smaller engine will be less expensive and less fuel consumption.

Because of present of 6-cylinder, speed is made possible. In mountainous areas, the 6-cylinder engine would make faster move.

What is the difference between a V4 engine and a V6 engine?

What is the difference between a V4 engine and a V6 engine? The V4 engine contains 4 cylinders while the V6 engine contains 6 cylinders. A V4 engine is smaller and has less power compared to the bigger and more powerful V6 engine. Moreover, V6 engines also have the ability to accelerate vehicles faster than the V4. Nowadays, the V4 engine is rarely used in automobiles and more commonly used in powerful motorcycles. The V6 engine, on the other hand, is often used in modern, mid-sized cars.

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