12 Important Car Dashboard Symbols/Signs You Must Know


Do you know that knowing the symbols in your car dashboard can save you from spending big amount of money? Today we are going to explain these symbols or signs so that you can know them and pay attention to them. Don’t ignore the following Symbols as it means saving Life and money.

1. Engine Temperature Warning Light


This sign is a Temperature or hotness sign in a car. Just like when you are running temperature, your body becomes so hot and abnormal. The same happen to a car when you see the above sign raised. Therefore, attention is urgently needed.

2. Tire Pressure Warning Light


This sign signifies tires pressure on your dashboard. Therefore, any time you happen to see it try and check your tires. Failure to check and pump the tires would result to damage of the rim.

3. Oil Pressure Warning


This boat sign means that the oil is low or there is no oil in the Engine. It could also mean that the oil pump is not pumping. These are dangerous to the engine and should be given immediate attention. Therefore, whenever you are driving this sign suddenly appears, please, alight in a safe place and look for the solution.

4. Traction Control


This sign is also another sign your dashboard can show you. When you see this sign, it means that your car’s traction system control is engaged.

5. Antilock Brake Warning


The ABS stands for antilock brake system. It is important in car because when you hold automatic brake, it is abs that makes the brake more active. So, whenever you see it on the dashboard, try and find out what is wrong and fix it.

6. Automatic Shift Lock or Engine Start Indicator


This sign means that you need to engage the brake to start your car or to remove it from neutral or from park. When you want to start your Automatic car without holding brake it refuses to start.

7. Battery Alert


When you see this sign in you dashboard it means that the car’s Alternator that charges the battery is not charging. Meaning the car’s power is running on the battery without refilling that power. Therefore, you should pay attention to the alternator immediately, in order not to damage the battery. This sign could also mean that the battery is bad and need replacement

8. Fuel Indicator Symbol


This sign in your dashboard means that your fuel is low and about to finish. This sign is not good to see in the car. Because it is damaging to fuel pump in the car. Therefore, if you see this sign look for a petrol station nearest to you and buy fuel immediately.

9. Seatbelt Reminder Light


This sign means you should put-On your seatbelt. Seatbelt is very important to put-on because it saves your life in case of accident.

10. Airbag Indicator


This sign means airbag. Seeing this in your dashboard signifies that the airbag is bad or it has issue and needs attention. It could also be one that has issue or all in the car.

11. Fog Lamp Indicator


This signifies that your lights or fog lights are on. There is no side effect in as much as the engine is running.

12. Brake Warning Light or Low Brake Fluid

Brake Warning Light

It means you forget to remove your car handbrake. But if you remove it and the sign is still showing, check your brake fluid. The tendency for you to have low or no brake fluid is there.


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